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One of the most important pieces of athletic safety equipment is an athletic mouth guard. Athletic mouthguards, or sportsguards, have been shown to not only protect the teeth and gums but they also reduce the incidence and severity of concussions. Unfortunately, most people involved in activities where a mouthguard is used resort to a one size fits all guard found at the local sporting goods store. While these guards do provide some protection they tend to fit poorly and are uncomfortable. Because they are uncomfortable, athletes have a tendency to use them improperly. The answer to this problem is a custom fit sportsguard.

To fabricate a custom guard, two visits to the dental office are required. At the first visit an impression is taken of your mouth and from the impression a perfect model is made. This model is the template for the custom sportsguard. At the second visit, final fitting of the sportsguard is done with you in the chair. This fine tuning allows for maximum comfort and protection. A custom fabricated sportsguard will only fit the person for whom it is fabricated. The intimate fit of the custom sportsguard provides a fantastic level of comfort and therefore leads to it being used more regularly. The custom fit also leads to a greater level of protection.

At LifeLong Family Dentistry we are dedicated to the health and safety of the community. To that end, we are happy to offer custom sportsguards to current patients and non-patients alike. The ideal candidate for mouthguard fabrication is anyone who has all of their adult teeth. Persons undergoing orthodontic treatment are not eligible for a custom sportsguard, as it will interfere with tooth movement. If you are a current patient, simply call and request your impression appointment. If you have not visited our office previously, please fill out and print the form below to bring to your impression appointment. For minor children it is necessary that a parent sign the form giving us permission to perform an examination and impressions.

Sportsguard Information Form