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Afraid of the Dentist?

A little fear of visiting the dentist is not unusual. Typically this fear comes from, "What are they going to do to me"? To reduce your apprehension, we work very hard to explain what we are doing and what you can expect. If your anxiety goes a bit deeper we do have other remedies available.

For many people, Nitrous Oxide is a very effective medication to relieve dental anxiety. Nitrous Oxide has been in use for over 100 years and is very safe. While using Nitrous Oxide sedation you are awake and can communicate with our team, but you are in a very relaxed state of mind. Another great facet of this type of treatment is that the Nitrous Oxide leaves the body very quickly. Within a few minutes of completing treatment you are back to your normal state of mind, which allows you to visit without an escort.

For very apprehensive patients there are various options available that are best discussed in a one on one consultation.

Fear should not be a reason to keep you from getting the treatment you need. Please call and set up a consultation so we can discuss a strategy that will work for you.

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